This site is operated by Laminex New Zealand, a division of Fletcher Building Products. By accessing and using this website, you understand and agree to the terms outlined in the below policy.

What is this privacy policy about?

This Privacy Policy describes how we will treat the personal information that we collect about you.

Through your use of our website, social media websites and pages and other communications with us, we may collect personal information about you.

We like to keep your personal information safe and want to explain to you how we collect, hold, use or disclose it and how you can access and correct your personal information and what to do if you have a complaint.

This Privacy Policy explains how we do all this and it complies with the requirements of the Privacy Acts of New Zealand.

Collection of personal information

  • What kinds of personal information do we collect and hold?

The kinds of personal information that we collect and hold includes names, contact details, employment history, educational qualifications, government related identifiers (e.g. tax file and inland revenue numbers, driver licence information), complaint details and other information for our business functions and activities.
We may also collect sensitive information, such as membership of a trade union or professional association, health information and insurance policy information in respect of contractors and prospective employees

  • How do we collect personal information?

We usually collect personal information directly from individuals. We may collect your personal information when you communicate with us, such as when you:

(a) make inquiries about us, our products and services or contact us for any other reason so that we can process, deal with and respond to your queries or other issues including any complaints; or

(b) contact, register with, post to, like or follow any of our social media websites, pages, forums or blogs; or

(c) use our website; or

(d) register a product you have purchased or subscribe to any of our services; or

(e) register for and attend at events; or

(f) make applications for prospective employment and contracting opportunities with us; or

(g) subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a form or survey, enter or participate in any competitions or promotions.

Collection of personal information on our website or our social media pages will either be made clear from the context (e.g. request to complete information fields) or will state to the user that personal information is being collected.

  • What happens if you do not provide your personal information to us?

If you do not provide personal information that we request in connection with our activities, we may not be able to provide our products or services to you.

  • Why do we collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information?

We collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information for the purposes of our functions and activities, including:

(a) names and contact details, to provide our products and services to our customers and information and all services relating to our products and services;

(b) names and contact details, to record information regarding products purchased from us and to provide further services to you, such as product warranties and guarantees, and repair or replacement of products;

(c) names, contact details, transaction and experience information such as information on your purchase transactions and our communications with you, for direct marketing including promotions, newsletters and competitions and to carry out analysis of market activity; and

(d) names, contact details, educational information, membership of trade and professional associations, sensitive information and government related identifiers, for contracting with individuals and assessing individuals for current or future employment opportunities.

  • Do we use cookies or other web tracking systems?

We track traffic patterns throughout the URL (website) registered to us.We use "cookies" on our website. A "cookie" is a small amount of information which is transferred to the hard drive of your computer and which can identify your web browser, but not you. If you want, you can disable your web browser from accepting cookies. If you do so, you can still access our website, but not all services may be available.

We may automatically collect general statistical information on our website about visitors to our website, such as IP addresses, browsers used, dates visited, pages visited and number of visitors. However, such information does not refer to individuals by name or their contact details. We use this data in aggregate to improve our website. We may provide such aggregated data to third parties, but in so doing, we do not provide personal information without the individual's consent.

We use third party providers to provide us with web analytics services. These providers collect information on how individuals use our website. These providers may use cookies and other technology such as clear gifs or web beacons to obtain such information. This allows us to improve our website and our services.

  • Collection from third parties

In some instances, we may collect personal information about individuals from third parties, such as wholesale and retail suppliers of home building, renovating and design related products, where individuals have made inquiries about our products to such third parties, via recruitment agencies or from third party medical service providers which provide medical reports and services to us or where we obtain such information from other publicly available resources.

  • Will we disclose personal information to anyone else?

We may disclose personal information to:

(a) our related companies;

(b) third party contractors and providers of goods and services, such as courier and delivery companies, marketing and promotion companies, training and training certification agencies and business support services like storage and handling of documents and data, and information technology service providers;

(c) market research companies who undertake customer surveys for us;

(d) insurance companies;

(e) professional service firms providing services to us, such as legal or accountancy services; and

(f) as required by law, such as to regulatory agencies.

Where we disclose personal information to third parties providing services to us, our policy is to have agreements in place to ensure that third parties comply with the Principles and the Privacy Act.

We may also provide your information to others, if required or permitted by law, in accordance with the Principles and the Privacy Act.

We will only disclose your personal information:

(a) with your consent; or

(b) for a purpose which you would reasonably expect; or

(c) as required or permitted by law; or

(d) in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Do we disclose personal information overseas?

We may disclose your personal information outside the country of collection in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, the Privacy Act and/or with your consent.

Any sharing of personal information outside the country of collection is carried out subject to strict privacy and security standards, both during transit and at the destination.

Sharing of personal information outside the country of collection may be necessary:

(a) where we have made a business decision to store our data with a trusted service provider who is in the business of providing data storage and processing services. These services commonly involve diverse geographic locations which may change from time to time, including as a result of change of provider, changes in data protection practices and processing efficiency. Where these services are used by us, it is not always practical for us to notify you of which country your personal information may be located in;

(b) for disclosures between our group companies. Our main business location is in New Zealand but some of our group companies are based in other countries; and

(c) when our business which collected your personal information is in a different country to your location.

Unsubscribing from our marketing materials

  • Unsubscribing from email lists

Every time we send emails for marketing or promotional purposes, our emails will contain instructions on how you may unsubscribe.
In New Zealand, you consent to the usage, provision and acceptance of any information, including our latest news or notices, in electronic form in terms of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 (NZ).

  • Unsubscribing from social media pages Our social media pages provide instructions as to how you can unsubscribe from the relevant social media website or page.

  • Unsubscribing from hard copy promotional materials When we send you hard copy promotional materials, such materials will include instructions on how you may unsubscribe from receiving such materials.

Dealing with us anonymously or using a pseudonym

You may deal with us on an anonymous basis or by using a pseudonym when making inquiries through our website or social media pages, or when you make general inquiries by telephone and do not require a further response from us. However, we may need certain contact details from you to respond to inquiries.

Generally, we will require your personal information in order to transact with you.


We use industry-standard methods and take such steps as are reasonable to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and from misuse, interference and loss.

Among other techniques, we usually:

(a) store such information on a computer behind our "firewall" in a secure location;

(b) restrict the number of employees internally who can access such data; and

(c) keep any hard copies of documents in lockable cabinets in a secure location.

Once personal information is no longer required by us for the purposes for which it was collected or held or otherwise in accordance with the Principles and the Privacy Act, we will take all steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that it is either destroyed or de-identified after any retention periods required by law have passed.

Access, Correction and Removal of your Personal Information

You may seek to access or correct your personal information at any time by contacting us using the form in the Contact Us section of this website. A representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Before we provide you with access to your personal information we may require some proof of identity. We may charge a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information if your request requires substantial effort on our part.

If we do not agree to provide you with access to your personal information or to amend or annotate the information we hold about you, you may seek a review of our decision.

If we do not agree to make the requested changes to your personal information, you may make a statement about the requested changes and we will attach it to your record.

Defined terms in this Privacy Policy

“Principles” is a reference to the privacy principles under the Privacy Act.

“Privacy Act” is a reference to each of the Privacy Act 1993 (NZ) and any other applicable privacy laws in New Zealand.


You can send written complaints about a breach of the Principles or the Privacy Act in relation to your personal information to us by email.

For any enquiries please fill out the form in the Contact Us section of this website, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

If you believe that your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed by us, after following the procedure set out above, you can make a complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC).


We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website and will be effective when posted. Please check our Privacy Policy regularly for updates and amendments.